Sample Digital Readiness Assessment

Prepared for ‘ABZ Company’

This sample report showcases technologies that can ramp up organizational income by at least 20% each year, over 3 years and considers organizational readiness.


A fictitious organization: ‘ABZ Company’ supplies a generic profile for this digital readiness assessment. ‘ABZ Company’ has a current annual revenue of $3M and 20 FTE employees.


This report is intentionally concise for quick, informative reading.


Technology Inventory for ‘ABZ Company’



  1. Dropbox ($17.50 USD/user x 20 users) = $350 USD/month
  2. MailChimp: $20 USD/month
  3. Pipedrive: ($25 USD/user x 20 users) = $500 USD/month
  4. MS Office: 365 ($9.50 USD/user x 20 users) = $190 USD/month
  5. Quickbooks: $30 USD/month
  6. WordPress Website/Email Hosting: $24 USD/month

$1,114 USD per month = $13,368 USD per year


Current Annual Software Expenses: $17,378.40 CAD per year (@1.30 exchange)

ESTIMATED SAVINGS: Anticipated budget for software licensing: $9,000 CAD per year



  1. Wireless Device Plans: ($30 USD/user x 10 users) = $300 USD/month
  2. Workstations/Servers: ($50 USD/month x 6) = $300 USD/month
  3. Internet Service: $100 USD/month
  4. Support Contracts and Security: $500 USD/month
  5. Modems/Routers/Printers: $100/month

$1300 USD per month = $15,600 USD per year


Current Annual Device Expenses: $20,280 CAD per year (@1.30 exchange)

ESTIMATED SAVINGS: Anticipated budget for digital hardware: $15,000 CAD per year


Processes supplied by Current IT Setup

Cloud File Sharing

    • Marketing Collateral
    • Sample Designs/Installations
    • Template Contracts

Broadcast Emails

    • Monthly messaging to 1500 Leads/Customers

Customer Tracking

    • Customer List containing correspondence, product interests, readiness and/or installations
    • Lead List containing product interests, readiness, correspondence

Document creation and editing

    • MS Word for contracts
    • MS Excel for quotes
    • MS Powerpoint for presentations

Accounting for invoicing and expenses

Static Website for promoting goods and services (no blogging)


‌Organizational Technology Readiness for ‘ABZ Company’


Organizational Readiness by Team (20 FTE Staff)

Senior Management Team

  • Motivated by: Strategic growth
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 6/10
  • Team Size: 3 -> Champions: 1

Finance Team

  • Motivated by: Efficiency
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 8/10
  • Team Size : 2 -> Champions: 1

Marketing Team

  • Motivated by: Influence
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 9/10
  • Team Size: 1 -> Champions: 1

Sales Team

  • Motivated by: Increased Income
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 7/10
  • Team Size: 4 -> Champions: 2

Customer Service Desk

  • Motivated by: Timely/Accurate Responses/Quality Control
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 8/10
  • Team Size: 1 -> Champions: 1

Shop Floor/Manufacturing Facilitators

  • Motivated by: Efficiencies/Quality Assurance/Controls
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 6/10
  • Team Size: 4 -> Champions: 1

Field Service/Installation Team:

  • Motivated by: Preparedness
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 4/10
  • Team Size: 4 -> Champions: 1

Human Resources Team

  • Motivated by: Employee Engagement
  • Technology capacity/readiness: 7/10
  • Team Size: 1 -> Champions: 1

Organizational readiness: 7/10

Considered a good range of readiness

Total Champions: 9 out of 20 (1 champion to every 2.2 staff)

Excellent success potential


No adjustment to staff complement is required or recommended

Digital Strategy


Processes required for optimum business productivity

Current processes, with productivity customizations

  • Financial Accounting
  • Storing and Sharing Documents
  • Customer Relationship System
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Sales Pipeline
  • Static Website

Recommended new processes (at no extra licensing cost)

  • Customer Service Tool
  • Team Collaboration Tool
  • Virtual Meeting Space
  • Employee Management Tool
  • A Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Social Media Management Tool
  • Project Management


Strategic Implementation of modules

Recommendations For Improving Current Processes

  • Migrate to cloud financial accounting with global reporting
  • Migrate to sharing of documents amongst all desired tools/modules
  • Migrate to an integrated CRM sharing data with all desired tools/modules
  • Migrate to marketing automation system that integrates with all tools/modules
  • Automate process to move leads through triggered events resulting in sales
  • Rollout additional modules at no extra licensing cost

Recommended New Functionality (at no extra licensing cost)

  • Install a customer service desk for a ticket based system for queuing responses to customer needs
  • Install a collaboration system supporting informal private chat areas: one per customer plus required employees for end-to-end service
  • Implement a virtual meeting space for scheduled and on-demand meetings to occur for shared updates, strategic trends and best practices
  • Self-service employee portal for time sheets, authorizing time off, recruiting and performance management
  • Self-service customer portal for review and payment of invoices, logging issues and consulting a knowledge-base for proactive problem-solving.
  • Manage social media channels for pre-posting monthly, monitoring and responding to potential leads and keywords.
  • Plan, track, manage and collaborate on projects for synergized tasks and milestones.


Budget for Ongoing Technology Products and Services

Globally recommended annual business expenses for IT = 5% of current income

  • Current Annual Income is $3M. Recommended budget is $150,000 annually for all IT

Anticipated annual product and services expenses (Savings of >$7,000)

  • 20 Employees @ Total $10,000 per year for all recommended tools/modules

Recommend a CAPITAL investment of $50,000 – $100,000

  • See 12-Month Implementation Plan (below)
  • Offered via monthly payments or a results-based rate against actual returns.

Return on Investment based on $3M. 20% annualized per year (post-project)

  • Income Year-1: $3,600,000
  • Income Year-2: $4,320,000
  • Income Year-3: $5,184,000

12-Month Implementation Plan

NOTE: This is a minimized plan.


Engage champions, provide training activities and customize noted tools/modules to match organizational requirements.


Schedule for improving current processes

  • Month One: Cloud financial accounting
  • Month Two: Shed documents for all planned tools
  • Month Three: Migrate to integrated CRM
  • Month Four: Migrate Marketing Automation
  • Month Five: Automated Sales Pipeline Activities


Schedule for adding new functionality

  • Month Six: Install a customer service desk
  • Month Seven: Install a team collaboration system
  • Month Eight: Implement a virtual meeting space
  • Month Nine: Implement a self-service employee portal
  • Month Ten: Establish a self-service customer portal
  • Month Eleven: Implement social media management module
  • Month Twelve: Implement project management module

NOTE: This is a minimized report.

Please contact us for details we include in the FULL REPORT.


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