Restore Pre-Pandemic Profitability in 3 – 6 Weeks

Rebuild Optimism and Update Organizational Capacity in Six Steps

While it may be daunting to revitalize products or services that worked in the past, applying these steps can restore pre-pandemic profitability and bring you more satisfaction than you anticipated. The important thing is to start today. Your new organization may bring you riches beyond what you imagined, and in addition, remain resistant to future disruptions.

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1. Determine how much you can afford

  • Whether or not you have funds, there’s reason for optimism. There are plenty of low and no-cost remedies.
  • Shoot for a specific investment of time and/or money.
  • Consider an
  •  After analysis, some expenses may continue to apply. Other expenses may no longer be required.
  • Keep an open mind. This is the biggest factor that can restore companies to pre-pandemic profitability.
  • Don’t wait! Those who do, waste the opportunity to be first. There is no doubt, being first, pays big dividends!

2. Consider new business models.

  • Consider a product adjustment, packaging or simply change the way they are delivered.
  • Communicate the value supplied to each customer, over the short and long-term.
  • Experiment by providing tips or tutorials as a companion to selling products only.
  • Apply fresh eyes to current organizational assets.. spaces, equipment, information, people.
  • Study the feelings that your product or services inspire. Your business model should ensure your customers are inspired to feel the same way.

3. Strategies that keep customers coming

  • Understand the ‘value’ you provide your clients and customers. Become a specialist in knowing how to convey that value.
  • Earn your customers’ trust by exploring digital tools that will engage and delight your customers.
  • Learn what it means for your organization to be socially responsible.
  • Provide a world-class experience and reward current clients for referrals.

4. Energize your employees

  • Identify and empower the employees that can help move your organization to the next step.
  • Engage them by gamifying processes and reward them often.

5. Embrace sustainable and resilient strategies

  • Identify which products and services you should keep, and which should you discard.
  • Determine which digital tools will keep your organization profitable through uncertain times.
  • Adopt effective decision-making strategies

6. Implement your action plan

  • Develop a clear-cut plan by prioritizing tasks and creating a critical path.
  • Be sure each task creates ongoing momentum over the next six to twelve months.
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Restore your organization to pre-pandemic profitability in 3 – 6 weeks.

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Sample Critical Path:

  1. Affordability and readiness assessments
  2. Explore new business models
  3. Explore digital systems and tools
  4. Customer engagement strategies
  5. Strategies to energize employees
  6. Empower remote teams
  7. Sustainability strategies
  8. High-level implementation plan

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  • One session per week over six weeks: Average $4800 $3330 + HST (Total)
  • Accelerated: Two sessions per week (three weeks): Average $5400 $3330 + HST (Total)
  • Pay-as-you-go: Average $1000 + HST (per Session)

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