For best results… Hire a Coach!

Good leaders begin conversations with a goal to identify challenges and opportunities. They know conversations are breeding grounds for Champions. Champions inspire and challenge others to respond to personal, social, economical or environmental challenges and opportunities. Champions need only choose from the following approaches in order to activate others and achieve success. For the best results, hire a coach.

Semestered: Here, it is often a teacher/trainer who creates purposeful exercises necessary to observe a certain outcome. One knows in advance their actions will result in achievers and non-achievers. Achievers advance… non-achievers do not.

Segmented: Meeting facilitators are commissioned to set achievable goals, provide structure and encourage progress within a prescribed time frame. A facilitator aspires to engage everyone in a group. Despite this, they often see some engaged participants and still some who are not engaged. Engaged participants move on, non-engaged participants are often forced to assimilate.

Abstract: A true leader is one who is dynamic, who engages participants. For leaders seeking results… If people are known to be engaged by the leader, the leader was dynamic… If people are not engaged, the leader may be wasting everyone’s time. If the same leader attempts to train again, the activity may need to be repeated until the leader achieves ‘dynamic’ status, or a new leader needs to be chosen, beginning the process over again.

To obtain the best results, champions only need to hire a coach! That’s because coaches lead dynamic activities that truly engage participants to achieve goals set by a champion. Coaches are responsible to the participants (assigned) and will keep ‘coaching’ until a person’s definable goals are met. In some cases, the champion may be the person being coached (themselves) or it may be a supervisor, parent, mentor or another person with influence. The result, depending on activities, is that some will achieve faster, but others will still achieve… In the end, all will eventually be successful.

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Coaches deserve to be successful, because ‘success is a transferrable skill’!

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