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A digital architect is a person who designs business processes to improve customer experience, increase profitability, and improve competitive position. (Wikipedia)


Digital Strategy is a plan that uses digital resources to achieve one or more objectives. With technology changing at a very fast pace, Institutions have many digital resources to choose from based on what their overall goal is. Typically a plan that helps businesses, institutions, and brands, etc transform its course of action, operations, and activities, etc into digital nature to market their products, Analyze their consumer transactions or reduce operating cost, etc will be the digital strategy for that business, institution or brand. For e.g. brands at one point of time used print media advertisements for promoting its offers but now with the help of technology, Social social media is being used aggressively by brands to communicate their offerings to their respective consumers. 2019 was the first year in the history of humankind that witnessed brands.[1] total advertising spent on social media crossed over the brand’s total advertising spent on print media. (Wikipedia)